Thursday,March 3, 20161:30 p.m.
Friday,March 4, 201611 a.m.
Friday,March 4, 20161:30 p.m.
Saturday,March 5, 201611 a.m.
Saturday,March 5, 20161:30 p.m.



Ubus Théâtre (Québec)

All audiences, 8 years +

Caminando & Avlando retraces the journey of a woman, Jeanne Nadjari, whose love for her cousin Henri saved her from the World War II concentration camps. Despite living a life marked by many exiles, this survivor has relentlessly moved forward in search of a welcoming land, a country she could call her own… A place where her family could live in peace.

Caminando & Avlando is presented in the company’s yellow school bus, transformed into a plane for the show!

DURATION: 55 min
TECHNIQUES: Table top, Shadow, Object and Video




Founded in 2004 by Agnès Zacharie, Ubus Théâtre performs its shows in a yellow school bus that takes the audience on a trip to imaginary worlds. An intimate setting where the mysterious world of miniature puppetry and tiny object theatre is revealed. A fun-filled adventure like no other. The Ubus Théâtre school bus has travelled across Québec, France and Brazil.


Story: Agnès Zacharie
Stage Direction: Martin Genest
Dramaturgy Advisor: Henri-Louis Chalem
Assistant to the Stage Director: Pierre Porcheron
Scenography: Hugues Bernatchez
Puppets: Pierre Robitaille, Annabelle Roy, Morgane Barbry, Vano Hotton and Zoé Laporte
Costumes: Sébastien Dionne
Music: Pascal Robitaille and Alexandre Zacharie
Lighting and Video: Henri-Louis Chalem
Coproduction: Théâtre La Comète de Châlons-en-Champagne
Performers: Henri-Louis Chalem, Pierre Robitaille and Agnès Zacharie