Sunday,March 11, 201811 a.m.


Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1

Part of the Café-causerie — Budding creations! event

La petite fille et le corbeau tells the tale of a little girl who has lost her father and meets a male raven whose mate has just been run over on the highway and who now needs to hatch an egg without her. But everything works out in the end because the girl and the bird are clever enough to avoid the traps they encounter in their hostile and noisy surroundings. This show for children evokes the frenzy of our non-stop world, and our vital need for love and breathing space.



The Cie Mouka (France) is a puppet theatre company founded in Prague in 2006 by Claire Rosolin and Marion Gardie. It creates worlds where fantasy and everyday life coexist, where the magical and the gruesome collide. Exploring humankind in intimate detail, it has developed an on-stage esthetic that vacillates between subtle poetry and keen observation of our humanity. Its previous productions include Rouge chaperon, Triptease and L’enfant sucre.

Tenon Mortaise (Montréal) was founded in 1996 by Denys Lefebvre and Diane Loiselle as a company devoted to research and creation whose mission is to produce interdisciplinary theatre. Combining mime, dance, puppetry, shadow theatre, painting and video, Tenon Mortaise’s approach is one of exploration where the visual language is atypical, poetic and non-linear, the writing is lyrical and where image and movement are as meaningful as the text. The company has focused on creative theatre for young audiences and puppetry arts since 2006.


Story: Daniel Lemahieu
Stage Direction: Diane Loiselle
Puppets: La Cie Mouka and Tenon Mortaise
Lighting: Jofroi Smets
Other Designers: Patrice Daigneault
Participating Collaborators: Diane Loiselle and Denys Lefebvre