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Théâtre Les Amis de Chiffon (Saguenay)

All audiences, 4 to 8 years

Montréal Premier

Six-year-old Rosépine is determined to help her grandfather Akaï face the major environmental upheavals that are tormenting his country, Japan. Together they must save the melon fields threatened by increasingly important storms. In the distance, she hears the mysterious sound of weeping… But where is it coming from? Rosepine is a sensitive and compelling story marked by friendship and poetry that raises young people’s awareness of current global issues.

Rosepine is Théâtre Les Amis de Chiffon’s latest production. The company was founded in Chicoutimi and has been creating puppets shows for young audiences for nearly 40 years.


Story: Daniel Danis
Stage Direction: Marthe Adam
Scenography and Puppets: Christine Plouffe
Music: Guillaume Thibert
Lighting: Alexandre Nadeau
Choreography: Marie-Josée Paradis
Performance: Dany Lefrançois, Patrick Simard and Caroline Tremblay
Stage Management: Isabeau Côté

Techniques: Mixed and Masks
Duration: 55 minutes