Festival de Casteliers, 13th edition !

The 13th International Festival puppet theater for adults and children Is coming back this march 8-11.

A twelfth festival dedicated to the eleventh art!

Since 2006, Festival de Casteliers has invited audiences to come explore puppetry’s various forms and techniques: from hand puppets to rod marionettes, from object theatre to shadow theatre, from the marotte to the ventriloquist dummy, from the mannequin to the automaton.

A complete art form of every possibility, puppetry combines matter and gesture, the body and music, spoken word and silence, as it sheds some light on — and sometimes questions — the mysteries of our existence. For millennia now, puppetry, like a mirror, has reflected back the ever-changing image of ourselves.

Window to the world and showcase of our own, Festival de Casteliers also invites us this year to discover the Other, who comes from Russia, Slovenia, France, the United States, Alberta and Québec.

We are confident that this 12th edition will testify to the puppet’s fascinating eloquence and to the remarkable talent of the artists it inspires!

Enjoy the festival!

Louise Lapointe
Co-General Director and Artistic Director