Message from the Co-General Director and Artistic Director – Louise Lapointe




The 13th Festival de Casteliers will include shows, walkabouts, installations and performances designed to show what is happening in the world of North-American puppetry. You will be able to see works by artists from Mexico, the USA, Ontario, Québec, Nunavik and a special guest from the Netherlands.

Puppeteers will transport you into their imaginary worlds, inhabited by mythical characters and wild beasts, music-hall performers and a rookie magician, age-old stones and Inuit songs, a mischievous pillow and a wistful rabbit. Puppets, objects, masks, images, shadows and projections will share the stage, each expressing in its own way the dramatic richness and poetry emerging from a blend of matter, movement and sound.

Puppetry arts are attracting growing numbers of enthusiasts, artists and audiences, both here and abroad. The soon-to-be opened Maison internationale des arts de la marionnette (MIAM—International House of Puppetry Arts), in the heart of a culturally-rich neighbourhood and the borough that has backed the project, will contribute to this increased popularity and development of the art form. As with the festival, the MIAM has strong local support and has already received national and international recognition, which speaks to its importance in promoting Montréal as a cultural metropolis.

I am sure that this 13th Festival de Casteliers and the “discrete spell” of the 11th art will charm the entire city, from Outremont to Saint-Michel, from the Plateau-Mont-Royal to Old Montréal!

Enjoy the festival!

Louise Lapointe

Co-General Director and Artistic Director