Outdoor show for all ages


A spontaneous performance will be held in a park in Outremont. In order to keep a sense of wonder and avoid large gatherings, the time and venue will remain secret, so stay on the lookout!


Live public artwork 

Created from a simple white leaf!  


In a world turned upside down… How can humanity rebuild itself after a disaster? 

We are in a park, in the middle of the city.

Does Nature know?

Ideas rise from the Earth… From a simple white leaf, an artist wonders, imagines… A donkey? A fish? A bird… watch it take flight! 

Nature goes on creating itself… Melody goes along with this little fancy, when suddenly… from a whirlwind of white leaves, a wondrous beast appears… Gaza, the Mythical Deer!

The animal frolics as spellbound children follow its footsteps under the surprised gaze of passersby. There, look… near the pond… did you see it?  


RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes
TERCHNIQUE: Body puppet



Visual artist, artistic director and stage director Danielle R O Y started out as an animator, before becoming an internationally acclaimed graphic and exhibition designer. Throughout her career, she has created dozens of large-scale parades and urban operas. Co-founder of Just for Laughs, she is renowned for creating a distinctive visual style and integrating art into the urban landscape. She has collaborated with all the greats: Milton Glaser, Jean Paul Gaultier, Franco Dragone and Michael Curry. Today, every aspect of her eclectic career path serves creation through her company R O Y  B O X.


Written and directed by: Danielle Roy
Sculpted and adapted for puppets by: Danielle Roy in collaboration with Michael Curry
Music: Découverte and Liberté by Cavalia
Composed by: Michel Cusson
Guardian of the Mythical Deer: Diane Denis
Performed by: Colin Duhamel St-Cyr and Sandra Turgeon (puppeteers), Danielle Roy (artist), and Pamela Boyer (voice and percussion)