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Le Gesù
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Théâtre de Spiegel (Belgium)

Show for toddlers, 3 months to 3 years

Presented in collaboration with Le Vivier 

CABAN is a cozy play area filled with imaginary places, such as a nest, a sleeve tunnel and a bamboo forest. Different shapes and materials spark toddlers’ imagination, encouraging them to explore. Musicians play and sing, going in and out, on top of and underneath the play structures! The children explore the set at their own pace, letting themselves be guided by what they see, hear and feel. A unique, not-to-be-missed parent-child experience!

Without words

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes
TECHNIQUES: Creative Activity Space and Artistic Play Area





Theater De Spiegel is known worldwide for its shows for very young children. Actors, puppeteers and musicians play with figurines, space and music, as well as with the audience. This wonderful combination makes for heart-warming and reassuring shows that spark the curiosity, imagination and capacity for surprise of children and adults alike!


Directed by: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Sets: Wim Van de Vyver, Babs Franco, Raf Cammaer, Aïcha Aalouchi and Stef Vetters
Rotating Performers: Karel Van Ransbeeck, Astrid Bossuyt, Lize Pede, Marie Van Praag, Ine Ubben, Nathalie Derome, Anne-Sophie Tougas, Tierry Champs

CABAN is being presented as part of a Québec-Flanders cultural cooperation project for young audiences supported by Québec’s ministère de la Culture et des Communications and the Flanders Département de la Jeunesse, de la Culture et des Médias.