Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
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Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations! event
Cultural mediation activity for adults and teens, 13 years +


Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations!  live-streamed event, avaiable online afterward.

In a casual setting, four creative teams present their work-in-progress and answer questions from the public eager to learn more about the various stages involved in the development of a puppet show.


Absence des extra-terrestres – Work-in-progress

Absence des extra-terrestres exposes the unexpected decline of a narrator who unwillingly finds himself in the skin of a 10-year-old boy swept up in the tumult of his parents’ separation, confrontation with religious values, bullying at school, and the tragic death of his pets. An epistemological drama about a dawning lucidity through powerful feelings of incomprehension, powerlessness, and revolt, the play is a “cosmic poem” in which we are the puppets, and where objects (not always clearly identified) toy with us.

Target audience: 10 years +
Running time: 51 minutes
Techniques: Objects




For 30 years, Antoine Laprise has been known for his contribution to Québécois puppetry through the acclaimed Loup bleu and his company Le Théâtre du Sous-marin jaune (La Bible, Le Discours de la méthode, Guerre et paix).

French director Hubert Jégat heads the Compagnie CréatureS and travels the world with his magical and highly eccentric works. Since Antoine’s visit to Hubert’s archeological museum of anthropomorphic cookies—Petits pains oubliés – Expédition Québec, a CréatureS/Sages Fous co-creation—an expertise in the field has developed between these two creators, similar enough to understand one another and different enough to surprise each other.



Stage direction: Hubert Jégat

Story: Antoine Laprise

Sound kaleidoscope: Martin Tétreault

Lighting: Hugo Dalphond

Performer: Antoine Laprise