Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
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Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations! event
Cultural mediation activity for adults and teens, 13 years +


Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations!  live-streamed event, avaiable online afterward.

In a casual setting, four creative teams present their work-in-progress and answer questions from the public eager to learn more about the various stages involved in the development of a puppet show.


Ava’s House – Work-in-progress

Ava’s House is a multidisciplinary performance for soprano and paper theater, firmly rooted in music. The work weaves together original texts, live and pre-recorded music for piano and soprano, projected images, as well as short videos and shadow silhouettes to evoke Ava’s recurring dream of returning to her childhood home in search of its long-lost occupants.

Target audience: 8 years +
Running time: 30 minutes
Techniques: Shadow and paper theatre




Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw is a musician and multidisciplinary artist. She pursued degrees in piano performance, while also honing her skills in singing, arranging, composing, visual and puppetry arts, and teaching.

Her performance pieces weave together classical piano works and folk songs, self-accompanied lieder and opera arias, original compositions, projections, shadows, recorded sounds and texts, hand-made puppets, theatre books, and crankies.



Story, music and performance: Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw

Other collaborators to be determined.



Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw gratefully acknowledges the Watershed Festival: Reimagining Music Theatre and Great Small Works for their support.