Sunday,March 10, 202411 a.m.


Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1



Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations! event
Cultural mediation activity for adults and teens, 13 years +


Part of the Café-causerie : Budding Creations!  live-streamed event, avaiable online afterward.

In a casual setting, four creative teams present their work-in-progress and answer questions from the public eager to learn more about the various stages involved in the development of a puppet show.


Ce que cache la forêt – Work-in-progress

Ombres Folles’ latest show is a humorous and whimsical take on interpersonal relationships. . . that are toxic.

On stage, four performers come together for a rehearsal: their puppet and shadow theatre show is narrated by a curious platypus ornithologist. In the heart of the forest, all the birds are frightened and subject to the power of one of their own, who holds them captive. Three defiant, winged heroes attempt to free them. But will their efforts fuel the revolt? Even the puppeteers can’t be sure, as they grapple with increasingly strained relationships. Who will manage to break free?

Target audience: 8 years +
Running time: 60 minutes
Techniques: Rod and full-body puppets, shadow theatre




Founded in 2005, Ombres Folles creates shows that awaken the whimsical spirit in young and old alike. The company has created eight shows and given over 550 performances in Canada, the United States, France, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Ombres Folles explores the intersection of puppet, shadow, and object theatre, while probing our fears and taboos. In choosing stories with a strong dramaturgical component and infusing them with a healthy dose of poetry, humour and humanism, the company’s artists create works capable of travelling, both geographically and in the spectator’s imagination.



Story and stage direction: Maxime Després and Maude Gareau

Set design: Rodolphe St-Arneault

Puppets: Manon Guiraud

Music: Pierre-Alexandre Maranda

Lighting: Rodolphe St-Arneault

Performers: Maxime Després, Paola Huitrón, Olena Khomyakova and Jacques Laroche

Props et costumes: Manon Guiraud

Shadow theatre: Maude Gareau