Monday,March 5, 20184 p.m.
Monday,March 5, 20187:30 p.m.

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La Liga Teatro Elástico (Mexico)

Short film screened before Ciné-Outremont’s feature film

O.V. in Spanish with French subtitles

In this short film, Iker Vincente and Jacqueline Serafín from La Liga Teatro Elástico reveal the creative process behind the show entitled Les Bêtes dansent ou le sortilège discret de la nature sauvage. This is an integral, multidisciplinary project based on the investigation of artifacts and animated figures. It includes a workshop for children and adults and an itinerant street intervention that will be held on March 8th in Outremont streets.


RUNNING TIME: 7 minutes


Script and concept: Jacqueline Serafín* and Iker Vicente
Art direction and puppet design: Iker Vicente
Stage direction and costume design: Jacqueline Serafín*
Sound Design:  Fernando Vigueras and La Liga Teatro Elástico
Executive producer: Carolina Jiménez
Builders: Humberto Galicia, Iker Vicente, Monserrat Jiménez, Kaleb Oseguera, Ana Gómez-Paz, Éric Garduño, Yvonne Dorantes and Teresa Cedillo
Actors-puppeteers: Humberto Galicia, Merced Lobo García, Hector Hugo Peña, Irlanda Paredes, Kaleb Oseguera, Diego Santana and Daniel Loyola*
Video: Pablo Federico (SubX)

*With funding from the 2017-2018 Creadores Escénicos program, under Mexico’s Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y Las Artes.