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All audiences, 5 years +

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Festival de Casteliers Closing Show


Without words

The disciplined life inside a cuckoo clock is thrown upside-down when an unexpected intruder mysteriously appears. Cuckoo, the clock bird, chases after it and discovers a magical world beyond time.

Running time: 45 minutes

Techniques: rod and body puppets






Trained as an actor and acrobat, Graham Soul has dedicated himself to puppet theatre for more than 25 years. His mission is to create original puppet theatre works for young audiences, highlighting artistic quality and technical innovation. Sound and visual imagery guide the dramaturgy, and the puppets and scenic elements are at the heart of the creative process. Favourite themes touch on the fantastic and the powers of the imagination.



Scenario, scenography, puppets, video and music: Graham Soul

Stage direction: Jérémie Desbiens and Graham Soul

Performance: Eloi Cousineau and Graham Soul

Puppeteers in 2019: Pierre-Louis Renaud and Graham Soul

Autonomous lighting system: Nancy Longchamp

Brainstorming of the story and characters: Pierre Gélinas

Additional brainstorming: Christine Brassard

Research and exploration: Jean Cummings and Graham Soul

Stage management: Nancy Longchamp and Jérémie Desbiens

Puppet, set, and prop construction: Jean Cummings, Graham Soul, Pierre Gélinas, Richard Morin, Marie-Eve Fortier, Cécile Viggiano, and Geneviève Thibault

Construction and painting of mask and hooves: Mathieu René

Set, puppet, and prop painting: Richard Morin

Sewing: Noémi Paquette, Geneviève Marcotte, Graham Soul and Esther Hardy

Dramaturgy coaching: Pierre Yves Lemieux

Scenography coaching: Richard Lacroix

Sculpture and moulding coaching: Claude Rodrigue


Graham Soul gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support. For their contribution, he also thanks Pierre Gélinas, Christine Brassard, Pierre Yves Lemieux, Le Théâtre de l’Œil (André Laliberté, Gilles Perron, Joël Losier), Angèle Beaudry, Caroline Guy, Maude Serrurier, Diane Mongeau, Hélène Ducharme, Isabelle Payant and Stéphane Guy, Daniel Robert, Louis-Philippe Paulhus, Alain Lavallée, Joël da Silva, Julie Brosseau-Doré, Gunther Gamper and La Machinerie.