Sunday,March 6, 20161:30 p.m.


Adult and teen audience, 13 years + Without words

La Causeuse (The Love Seat) is a solo performance at the crossroads of dance, mime, physical theatre and object theatre. Immersed in solitude, a woman guides us through a moving interior dialogue as she revisits fragments from her life. This is living poetry, David Lynch style, with a fair share of sordid romance, absurdity and a hint of subtle humour. This original creation reveals the artist’s sensitive and very personal theatrical language where movement is of the essence.

DURATION: 45 min



Olivia Faye Lathuillière is a visual artist and choreographer. She is a graduate of the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier (France) and of the École Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD de Bruxelles (Belgique), where she studied the art of movement, physical theatre and acting based on the Jacques Lecoq method. She has presented and worked on several projects in Italy, France, Albania, Belgium, Canada and the United States.


Design, Dramaturgy, Stage Direction and Performance: Olivia Faye Lathuillière

Collaboration on the Design: Pamela Masseport

Scenography: Pamela Masseport, Dominique Samson and Olivia Lathuillière
Puppets: Olivia Lathuillière, Jérémie Wagner and Francine Martin
Music: Crazy Clown Time and Liszt
Lighting: David Brien
Thanks to: Mirenda Ouellet, Émilie Coquil, Samuel Haythornthwaite, Benoît Salin, Myriame Larose, Tina Janeciz, Kirk Murphy, Art Neuf and Ville de Mont-Tremblant