Friday,March 10, 20178 p.m.

Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
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Short Piece

Compagnie Garin Trousseboeuf, Patrick Conan (France)

Short piece, all audiences

Patrick Conan performs a short excerpt from his show La Main et le sac (The Hand and the Bag) that premiered in 2015, a veritable odyssey where the audience will not be surprised to bump into heroes from some of Garin Trousseboeuf’s twenty productions since 1987: Petit Poucet, Hamlet, Cosette, even Henri, Josette’s widower (she passed during the previous production, Josette Forever!).

La Main et le sac is a table top epic where a pompous actor gradually metamorphoses himself into a storyteller and then a puppeteer. It is also a fable about manipulation where what is emphatically exhibited becomes the well-assumed exhibitor. A show where form is content and vice versa!

RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
TECHNIQUE: Marionnette-Sac (Bag Puppet)


This short piece will be followed by the “international” launch of the artist’s book:

La Marionnette-sac – Précis de manipulation

“The bag puppet (marionette-sac) was born from the chance encounter between a washcloth, a bun and the (red) feather from a passing bird. The language is poetic, but I must admit, a little harsh. It therefore deserved some clarification.”

“In this book, I reveal this puppet form’s very recent history, offer a few building tips and explain some basic principles of manipulation.”

— Patrick Conan

Autograph session

Afterwards, the author will hold an unconventional autograph session with festival goers where feathers and words mingle!

La Marionnette-sac was published in January 2017. Its 500 numbered copies are drawn and coloured by hand and assembled in a 70-page spiral notebook with 50 drawings, 12 colour photographs and a wraparound cover.

Théâtre Outremont Mezzanine
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Outremont (Québec) H2V 2V6


Actor, storyteller, puppeteer and stage director Patrick Conan founded the Garin Trousseboeuf company in 1987. The company’s shows are at times rooted in “hard” social realities, while at others they remain very light and very formal, yet always tinged with humour and light-hearted mockery. Acclaimed in France and around the world, the company is based in Savenay, in the Haute-Loire.


Story, Stage Direction, Puppets and Performance: Patrick Conan