Sunday,March 8, 201510:30 a.m.
Sunday,March 8, 20151:30 p.m.

École Buissonnière
215, avenue de l’Épée,
Outremont (Québec)
H2V 3T3



Vis Motrix Théâtre de marionnettes (Repentigny)

Children’s show, 2 to 5 years

He and She are in the park, bored: no friends, no computer, and no toys… When they suddenly find a rusted crank hidden behind a park bench, they imagine its many possible uses. Boredom gives way to a most wonderful game!

In Latin, Vis Motrix means “driving force”. This young company uses puppets as an inexhaustible creative source, because fantasy is a perfect vehicle for portraying reality!


Story: David Magny
Stage Direction and Performance: David Magny and Karine St-Arnaud
Scenography: Patrick Martel
Puppet Design: Isabelle Chrétien
Puppets: Colin St-Cyr and Sandra Turgeon
Music: François Monette
Lighting: Maude Serrurier
Techniques: Mixed
Duration: 35 minutes