Sunday,March 8, 201511 a.m.

Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1

Café-Causerie: Budding Creations!

Tenon Mortaise

Work in progress presented during the CAFÉ-CAUSERIE – Budding creations!

This clown performance for small children is a combination of object theatre, puppetry, and shadow play, taking the little ones on a visual, musical, and poetic journey where short stories are spun around the five senses.

Tenon Mortaise was founded 1996. Its multidisciplinary approach focuses on body language and is at the crossroads of various genres, where image and gesture are as important as words.


Story: Diane Loiselle
Stage Direction: Denys Lefebvre
Scenography: Patrice Daignault
Puppets: Diane Loiselle
Music: Guido Del Fabbro
Lighting: Thomas Godefroy
Performance: Diane Loiselle and Nadine Walsh