Friday,March 5, 202110 a.m.
Friday,March 5, 20211 p.m.
Friday,March 5, 20214 p.m.


Maison Théâtre
245 Ontario Street East
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3Y6
Phone: 514-288-721

All audiences, 6 years +

We are sorry to announce that Casteliers has had to cancel the festival’s indoor performance of this show, in keeping with Public Health measures.


In French


A walkabout theatrical experience through the Maison Théâtre, carefully developed in compliance with hygiene and physical distancing measures.

Let the puppets surprise you!

Where do puppets come from? How are they born? How do they move? Do they ever retire?!

Théâtre Motus has teamed up with six other companies specializing in object and puppet theatre to invite you on a one-of-a-kind journey through the Maison Théâtre. Get to know some fascinating characters who will come to life with a little help from nine talented puppeteers.

Within your family bubble, you’ll discover what goes on backstage, how full-view manipulation works, and the incredible mechanisms that breathe life into these imaginary worlds.

Wind your way down a corridor, reach the top of a staircase and explore a secret backstage corner, as string marionettes and rod puppets, both super-sized or miniature, realistic or fantastic, reveal some of their best-kept secrets.


RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes


Maison Théâtre (Montréal, 1984)
A major player in Montréal’s youth theatre community for the past 36 years, the Maison Théâtre showcases a variety of contemporary productions for youth and teen audiences, 1-17 years of age.

Théâtre Motus (Longueuil, 2001)
Inspired by the dialogue between cultures and the interweaving of disciplines, Théâtre Motus has produced 12 shows for family audiences since its foundation.


A Théâtre Motus and Maison Théâtre coproduction

Curator: Hélène Ducharme

Participating companies:

Théâtre Motus
Théâtre de l’Œil
Théâtre des Petites Âmes
Ombres Folles
Théâtre Pupulus Mordicus
L’Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes
Théâtre Bouches Décousues


Exhibition curator: Pavla Mano
Stage direction: Hélène Ducharme
Lighting: Valérie Bourque
Performance: Sabrina Baran, Maude Gareau, Salim Hammad, Stéphane Heine, Paola Huitron, Sharon James, Isabelle Payant, Philippe Racine and Csaba Raduly