Thursday,March 5, 20201:30 p.m.
Friday,March 6, 20201:30 p.m.
Friday,March 6, 20205 p.m.
Saturday,March 7, 202011 a.m.
Saturday,March 7, 20201:30 p.m.
Saturday,March 7, 20205 p.m.


Yellow school bus
at Paul-Gérin-Lajoie-d'Outremont High School

475 Bloomfield Avenue
Montréal (Québec) H2V 3R9

Show for all audiences, 7 years +


A veritable ode to compassion, this is the tale of a pianist for whom music has suddenly gone silent. The story, true to Agnès Zacharie’s tenderness and quiet strength, unfolds before us like a film musical or a visual symphony filled with puppets, shadows and emotions.

In French

RUNNING TIME: 55 minutes
TECHNIQUE: Table Top, Miniatures, Shadows and Animated Films






Ubus Théâtre artistic mission has always been to “bring theatre to people of all walks of life” by presenting puppet shows to audiences of all ages. The company’s ingenuity lies in its mode of transmission: a yellow school bus that the founder’s father left to his children when he died. The Ubus Théâtre school bus has travelled across Québec, France and Brazil.


Story: Agnès Zacharie
Stage Direction: Amélie Bergeron and Agnès Zacharie
Scenography: Hugues Bernatchez
Puppets: Pierre Robitaille, assisted by Sonia Pagé and Vano Hotton
Music: Philippe Bachman and Pascal Robitaille
Lighting: Henri-Louis Chalem
Artistic Coaching: Josée Campanale and Gérard Bibeau
Performance: Agnès Zacharie and Éric Leblanc
Voice: Béatrice Zacharie