Thursday,March 8, 20184 p.m.


Pavillon Saint-Viateur
Dans le Parc Saint-Viateur d’Outremont
Outremont (Québec) H2V 3R9

All audiences

Opening Show:

Les Bêtes dansent ou le sortilège discret de la nature sauvage


Departure at Pavillon Saint-Viateur at 4 p.m. 
Final scene at Théâtre Outremont at 5 p.m.
Official opening at Théâtre Outremont at 5:30 p.m.

Les Bêtes dansent ou le sortilège discret de la nature sauvage is an awe-inspiring street performance that draws the public into a large-scale animal menagerie. The wolf, symbol of our worst fears, is at the heart of this celebration of the beauty and mystery of life on Earth that cuts across territories and cultures. The giant animals are skilfully manipulated by a team of artists from Mexico and Québec, with a little help from local children. Young and not-so-young stand spellbound as the story of a pack of wolves and a magnificent deer unfolds around them. An ancestral dance between hunter and prey.

RUNNING TIME: 80 minutes

TECHNIQUES: Ambulatory Performance, Giant Rod Puppets



Founded in 2011 in Mexico, by actress and stage director Jacqueline Serafin, and caricaturist, sculptor and puppet inventor Iker Vicente, La Liga Teatro Elástico seeks to engage the public in an active and playful way. The company’s approach is at the crossroads of sculpture, theatre, performance and education. La Liga Teatro Elástico’s works – performances and installations – have been presented in Mexico, Spain and South Africa.


Story and Concept: Jacqueline Serafín* and Iker Vicente
Art Direction and Puppet Design: Iker Vicente
Stage Direction and Costume Design: Jacqueline Serafín*
Invocation Text: Adolfo Córdova
Sound Design: La Liga Teatro Elástico and Fanfare Pourpour
Winter Costume Design: Ana Gómez-Paz
Actor-puppeteers: Merced Lobo García, Daniel Loyola*, Diego Santana, Iker Vicente and local guest artists
Builders: Humberto Galicia, Iker Vicente, Monserrat Jiménez, Kaleb Oseguera, Ana Gómez-Paz, Éric Garduño, Yvonne Dorantes and Teresa Cedillo

*Beneficiaries of the Creadores Escénicos 2017-2018 program (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y Las Artes – Mexico)

Casteliers wishes to thank the Consulate General of Mexico in Montréal.