Saturday,March 10, 20183 p.m.


Théâtre Aux Écuries
7285 Chabot Street
Montréal (Québec) H2E 2K7
Phone: 514-328-7437

Adult audience, 14 years +

In French

* The show is the first part of an optional double feature with L’Effet Hyde.

In Pixele-moi, sound, voice and live music come together with transparencies to express a very particular theatrical voice. With an overhead projector and lots of imagination, the Théâtre RétroColectivo collective breathes new life into object theatre. This short piece plunges us into the world of video games. An arcade performance to experience on its own or as the first part of a double feature with L’Effet Hyde.


RUNNING TIME: 35 minutes

TECHNIQUES: Object Theatre and Overhead Projection






Théâtre RétroColectivo’s story dates back to 2013, in Valencia, Spain, where a first collective called Retrocolectivo was founded. With an overhead projector and a musical composition inspired by an old video game soundtrack, this Spanish collective created its first experimental project, combining puppetry, colour transparencies, live music, voice and sound effects. After several performances in Valencia and Barcelona, two members of the collective, Mariane Benny Perron and Camila Paz, settled in Montréal in 2015. The two scenographer-puppeteers then assembled a new team under the Théâtre RétroColectivo banner and continued to work on the collective’s first creation before taking on any new projects. The collective is now active on two continents and will be developing a Chilean satellite group shortly. Théâtre RétroColectivo is a multidisciplinary and communicative travelling theatre.



Production: Théâtre RétroColectivo
Stage Direction: Mariane Benny Perron
Stage Direction assistance: Alexandrine Doré Pilote
Production Direction: Laurie-Anne Bergeron
Artistic Direction: Mariane Benny Perron
Story: Maxime Dugas
Performance: Camila Paz, Nicolas Clemesac a.k.a Pompet’, Alix Mouysset and Maxime Dugas
Construction and Illustration: Camila Paz, Mariane Benny-Perron and Alix Mouysset
Sound Design: Nicolas Clemesac a.k.a Pompet’, Rémy Girard and Sophie Bérubé
Technical Direction: Baptiste Tissot
Master Light: Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin
Artistic Accompaniment: Olivier Ducas