Friday,March 9, 20187 p.m.


Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1

Adult audience, 13 years +

Presented as part of the Puppet Slam line-up

Without words 

Snare drum and stallion, banjo and leather boots… Pommes de routes (literally, road apples) is a collection of gritty tales accompanied by supercharged live music! Crazy stunts and a dusty romance. A Spaghetti Western where the sauce has gone a little sour. A delightfully country threesome. 

THE CALL: In this first episode, our brave hero is seduced by the sweet voice of a young damsel in distress. He’ll do just about anything to come to her rescue! 

THE BENDER: In this second episode, our affable cowboy is dressed to the nines and looking forward to an extraordinary evening. Will he meet his perfect match? 

THE DEBACLE: In this final episode, our protagonist confronts his solitude and the deep darkness of the desert. Will he find the strength to survive? 


RUNNING TIME: Three, 10-minute episodes 

TECHNIQUES: Bunraku-type and Marotte Puppets, Objects and Live Music 



La Ruée vers l’or collective is the result of collaboration between two longtime friends. Composer and multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Harvey is also the percussionist of the group Monogamy (Bad Uncle / Lake of Stew). Anne Lalancette has been a professional puppeteer for over 10 years in theatre, television and film. She works regularly with the Old Trout Puppet Workshop in Calgary and with Théâtre de l’Œil in Montréal. Alexandre and Anne share a simple and grotesque humour, mainly inspired by the world of comics and genre cinema. 


Story and Stage Direction: Anne Lalancette, Alexandre Harvey and Jérémie Desbiens 
Scenography: André-Anne LeBlanc and Anne Lalancette 
Puppets: Anne Lalancette 
Performance: Anne Lalancette and Jérémie Desbiens 
Music, Voices and Live Sound Effects: Alexandre Harvey