Sunday,March 11, 201811 a.m.


Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1

Part of the Café-causerie — Budding creations! event

This show is based on Paul Klee’s work in visual arts and puppetry, combining it with Sylvie Gosselin’s stories. Children are invited to embark on a journey that takes its inspiration from the painter’s colourful, wacky and poetic iconography, to which children can perfectly relate, where they discover the painter’s themes.



Actor and visual artist, Sylvie Gosselin combines her two artistic practices: visual and puppetry arts. In 2004, she created La couturière in collaboration with Jasmine Dubé. She also wrote Contes Arbour, which premiered at the Festival Petits bonheurs and was then presented at the Maison Théâtre, and elsewhere. Projet Paul Klee will first be shown at the Festival Petits bonheurs in Longueuil, and then in Montréal, in May 2018.


Story: Sylvie Gosselin, based on the words of Martin Bellemare, Nathalie Derome and Hélène Mercier, and Paul Klee’s works
Stage Direction, Scenography and Puppets: Sylvie Gosselin
Lighting: Luc Prairie
Sound Design: Francis Rossignol
Additional Feedback: Nathalie Derome, Jackie Gosselin and Hélène Mercier
Participating Collaborator: Sylvie Gosselin