Thursday,March 5, 20155 p.m.


Pavillon Saint-Viateur
Dans le Parc Saint-Viateur d’Outremont
Outremont (Québec) H2V 3R9

An exceptional gathering of three master puppeteers to discuss shadow theatre: its dramaturgy and stage direction possibilities. Why create shadow theatre in the twenty first century? What are the characteristics that set it apart? Where does it stand in today’s theatre scene?

photo_montecchi Fabrizio Montecchi (Italy)
photo_jplescot Jean-Pierre Lescot (France)
photo_ozek Cengiz Özek (Turkey)

How does Cengiz Ozek tackle “the modern adaptation of Karagöz”? What does Jean-Pierre Lescot mean when he uses the expression “the shadows’ light”? What is the “profoundly theatrical and immaterial phenomenon with so much potential for expression and communication” that Fabrizio Montecchi speaks of?

Puppeteer, stage director, and educator Marthe Adam will facilitate the discussion.

The discussion will be conducted in French.