Friday,March 8, 20247 p.m.
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Petit Outremont
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Adult and teen audience, 13 years +


One of three short pieces presented during An Evening of Shorts, with Lucien and Ten Sentences: On the Life of Robert Walser.


Sung in Yiddish

A solo performance that weaves together live vocals, recorded piano arrangements of Jewish and Anglo-American folk songs, recorded voices layered into a choir, handmade books, paper-puppets and crankie scrolls manipulated on stage. A live camera and projector magnify the small books and subtle movements into wall-sized projections, creating a show that is both intimate and immersive.






Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw is a musician and multidisciplinary artist. She pursued degrees in piano performance, while also honing her skills in singing, arranging, composing, visual and puppetry arts, and teaching.

Her performance pieces weave together classical piano works and folk songs, self-accompanied lieder and opera arias, original compositions, projections, shadows, recorded sounds and texts, hand-made puppets, theatre books, and crankies.



Stage direction, set design, puppets and performance: Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw



Alexandra Gorlin-Crenshaw gratefully acknowledges the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), the Segal Centre, the Canadian New Music Network (CNMN), and the Foundation for Yiddish Culture in Montréal.



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