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Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
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Short Piece

Jean-Jacques Pedretti and Robert Morgenthaler (Switzerland)


A first in its nine-year history, Casteliers presents a concert by two musicians who are part of the Hôtel de Rive – Giacometti / Temps horizontal creative team.

This duo multiplies unexpected experiences: improvisation, humor, sound experiments and a taste for the extreme. Hailing from either side of the “Röstigraben” *, Jean-Jacques and Robert overcome their mutual language shortcomings by communicating on stage through their own universal language: Esperanbone!

*The Röstigraben, literally “rösti ditch”, is an expression of Swiss-German origin that refers to the differences in attitudes and the political divide between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland.

Virtuoso sound researchers with a strong talent for making music dialectical.” (Jazz Magazine)