Friday,March 10, 20172:30 p.m.


All audiences, 3 years +

“Can we knit a scarf from silence and keep it for those freezing cold days?
Is there such a thing as love that never fades?
If we follow our hearts, where do our bodies go?”

A scrap yard, a desperately lonely robot, a laboratory where sounds are created before our ears and a passing train like a silent void in our memory. A lively poetry of sound with shadows and puppets.

“This impeccable show, combining music and theatre, invites children into the very heart of a world of poetry and mechanics, filled with love. A must-see! — Julie Jacob, Réseau Accès Culture Montréal


RUNNING TIME: 35 minutes
TECHNIQUES: Shadow and Table top






Founded in 2010 under the name Les Dragonneries, the company became les Chemins errants in 2015 through the initiative of Karine Gaulin and Édith Beauséjour. Les Chemins errants’ multidisciplinary approach focuses on the senses through imagery, puppetry, movement and live music. The company’s works reach out to both young children and the young at heart who come to the shows with them. Au train où vont les choses… is their third production.



Story: Karine Gaulin, based on Ramona Badescu’s series Pomelo
Stage Direction: Les Chemins errants, in collaboration with Hélène Ducharme
Scenography: Les Chemins errants and their loyal collaborators Patrice Daigneault, Antoine Lefebvre and Sirius Paradis
Puppets: Antoine Lefebvre and Karine Gaulin
Music: Édith Beauséjour
Lighting: Les Chemins errants, with the collaboration of Michel Pinault
Research, Shadow and Performance Advisor: Marcelle Hudon
Performance: Karine Gaulin and Édith Beauséjour