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Radio Silence is a fictional tale that takes place in Dawson City, Yukon, in the 1920s.

A bush pilot father is raising two daughters and passes on his passion for aviation to one of them, Ruth. She becomes the Yukon’s first female bush pilot. But during a flight to deliver the mail, she goes missing. On a whimsical journey of self-discovery, her twin sister sets out to find her, accompanied by a sly fox and a wise caribou. Mesmerizing and deeply moving, Radio Silence features full-face masks, puppets, and projections, with original music.

Radio Silence is a heartwarming, funny show, brimming with humanity and compassion. It features strong female role models, embodied by heroines with striking personalities and animals that are both realistic and magical, evolving in a colourful, changing scenography that transports the spectators to various natural realms of the Great North.



Language: In French (few words)
Running time: 50 minutes
Techniques: Masks and bunraku-type puppets







Stage direction: Jessica Hickman
Story: Geneviève Doyon and Jessica Hickman
Set design: Andrew Phoenix
Masks: Kate Braidwood
Puppets: Jessica Hickman
Lantern puppets: Andrew Phoenix
Original music: Dreamer’s Sea by Calla Kinglit
Soundscape and musical arrangement: Kate Braidwood
Lighting: Martin Nishikawa
Performers: Geneviève Doyon, Jessica Hickman, and Jaren Guerreiro
Principal collaborators: Kate Braidwood and Andrew Phoenix
Projection design: T. Erin Gruber
Watercolours: Rosemary Scanlon
Beadwork: Vashti Etzel
Props: Jessica Hickman
Narration text: Geneviève Doyon
Costumes: Kaori Torigai
Dramaturgy: Michelle Olson


Open Pit Theatre wishes to thank the Yukon governement for its support.
Created in collaboration with The Wonderheads. 



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