Wednesday,March 4, 201510 p.m.

Pavillon Saint-Viateur
532 Bloomfield Avenue
Montréal (Québec) H2V 3R9
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Label Brut (France)

A Le Carré, Scène nationale and Centre d’art contemporain du Pays de Château-Gontier coproduction
Adult Audience

A brazen X-rated culinary farce for troubled times. Banana Strip tells the story of Marthe Lebrun, a petty Cinderella with a taste for luxury. One day she finds a high-heeled shoe that fits: Marc Lenoir, a not-so-charming (but rich!) prince. The ending isn’t a happy one. But it’s a good one.


Story: Label Brut Collective
Performance: Laurent Fraunié and Babette Masson
Stage Management: Xavier Trouble
Technique: Edible Object Theatre
Duration: 20 minutes