Thursday,March 7, 20197 p.m.


All audiences, 7 years +

A writer cuts himself off from the world to better concentrate on his writing. His solitude is quickly broken by his double, Maski, who hijacks his creative process. The characters they create together take over and demand to be heard and to see their story unfold from beginning to end. How far can a writer go to forget himself so that his works live on?

Conte du littoral (A Coastland Tale) draws an imaginary portrait of Dr. Jacques Ferron, an enigmatic man imbued with cynical humour. A dreamlike epic, loosely based on his works, supplants reality. Surprising characters emerge from various raw materials. The profound relationship between humans and puppets sheds light on a world where reality and fantasy are intertwined.

This show was created in collaboration with the social economy organization “Village en chanson de Petite-Vallée” and benefited from several cultural mediation workshops with people living on the northern Gaspé coastline.

Running Time: 55 minutes
Techniques: Mixed






L’Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes has been part of the Montréal landscape since 1979. Its mission is to create and produce and perform plays that highlight the great diversity of puppet theatre. The company creates shows mainly for young audiences, and likes to surprise them with innovative productions that combine visual and performing arts. Performed on national and international stages, the company’s works stand out because of their playwriting that is in perfect synch with the visual aspects of the production.


Story: Louis-Charles Sylvestre
Stage Direction: Sabrina Baran
Scenography and Costumes: Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre
Sound Design: Nicolas Ferron
Puppets: Sophie Deslauriers and Laurence Gagnon Lefebvre
Lighting: Nancy Longchamp
Assistant to the Stage Director: Isabeau Côté
Performers: Sabrina Baran, Nicolas Ferron, Pierre-Louis Renaud and Louis-Charles Sylvestre