Studio Jean-Valcourt du Conservatoire
4750, avenue Henri-Julien
Montréal (Québec) H2T 2C8


Danse-Cité / Emmanuelle Calvé (Montréal) |

Adult and teen audience, 13 years +


Conceived by multidisciplinary artist Emmanuelle Calvé, EMMAC Terre marine is inspired by the Inuit tale The Skeleton Woman. With its magical and visually poetic character, the show presents the unusual relationships between the movement of the puppet-bodies and those of dance-theatre. A rare meeting of exceptional creators!

Founded in 1982 by dancer Daniel Soulières, Danse-Cité is a contemporary dance creation and production company. Its performances stand out for their boldness, diversity and quality. A unique part of the Montréal landscape, Danse-Cité is run without a resident choreographer or dancers and develops a constellation of unique projects that echo current cultural issues (including interdisciplinarity), while acting as a springboard for many artists that the company supports throughout the creative process.

EMMAC Terre marine will run until March 15.




Artistic Direction, Choreography and Adaptation: Emmanuelle Calvé
Scenography: Richard Lacroix
Puppet Design: Emmanuelle Calvé
Puppet Building: Jean Cummings
Music: Jorane
Lighting: Karine Gauthier
Text and Narration: Richard Desjardins
Dramaturgy Advisor: Martine Beaulne
Performance: Jean-François Blanchard, Emmanuelle Calvé and Jody Hegel

Techniques: Mixed
Duration: 60 minutes