Saturday,March 6, 20217 p.m.
Sunday,March 7, 20213 p.m.


Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1

All audiences, 8 years +


We are sorry to announce that Casteliers has had to cancel the festival’s indoor performance of this show, in keeping with Public Health measures. An interview with the artists in creative residency will be streamed on this web page, and available on Casteliers’ social media platforms as of Sunday, March 7 at 10:30 a.m.


In French (very few words)


Anchored in the fascinating and little-known world of the abyss, Mutatis Mutandis! draws its inspiration from scientific facts that are so incredible they submerge us in a surreal world that speaks to our subconscious mind. Meanwhile, the human world, both in its day-to-day and more intimate sphere, starts to take on a whole new dimension. The show is crafted like a collage, intuitively connecting the languages of sight and sound, allowing audience members to lose themselves in the story as they navigate freely within it.


RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes
TECHNIQUES: Hand-held puppets, théâtre noir, animated costume, matter, …





Interdisciplinary artist Laurence Petitpas is originally from Sept-Îles and is now based in Québec City. She is especially fond of the vast world of puppetry, a world that she experiences as a space where the different plastic and sound languages she explores converge. Mutatis Mutandis! is her debut production for the stage. It addresses themes like encroachment and impermanence, through an investigation of the abyss, the veritable bowels of our planet. In parallel to her practice, Laurence Petitpas develops and leads workshops for children and performs accordion concerts for the elderly.


Original idea, scenography and puppets: Laurence Petitpas
Remarkable collaboration: Marcelle Hudon and Josiane Lamoureux
Performance: Josiane Lamoureux and Laurence Petitpas
Assistant, costumes: Sylvie Baillargeon
Music: Jocelyn Robert, Vincent Thériault, Laurence Petitpas, Yana Ouellet, René Lussier, and Miquèu and Baltazar Montanaro
Sound interactivity development: Jocelyn Robert
Lighting: Mathieu C. Bernard
Voice : Roland Duguay


Laurence Petitpas wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and La Bulle – Espace de Résidence et de Création Artistique for their support.