Wednesday,March 2, 20167:30 p.m.
Thursday,March 3, 20168:30 p.m.
Saturday,March 5, 20168:30 p.m.

Théâtre Outremont
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Blind Summit Theatre (England)

Adult and teen audience, 13 years + In English with French surtitles

In their very own rock’n roll style, the puppetry innovators behind Blind Summit Theatre combine Samuel Beckett’s dark humour with Ikea’s flat packaging system.

Moses is a cantankerous three-man operated puppet that lives on a table. He is in the throes of an existential crisis as the show opens with the reluctant puppet’s epic biblical account of life, death … and puppetry. But he is easily distracted and the show gets out of hand. The table-top philosopher and comedian engages the audience with his colourful observations on a puppet’s life.

DURATION: 1h10 min




Blind Summit Theatre’s work is rooted in the Japanese tradition of Bunraku where three puppeteers perform a single character. Thanks to finely detailed movements, an intimate and very personal universe is created, where the characters’ thoughts come to life through the impetus of the puppeteers’ actions.

With a repertoire of over 30 productions, Blind Summit Theatre is a world-renowned reference in the puppetry arts.


Devised by: Blind Summit Theatre (Mark Down, Nick Barnes, Laura Caldow, Sarah Calver, Sean Garratt, Jess Mabel Jones, Irena Strateiva and Ivan Thorley)
Artistic Consultant: Andrew Dawson
Director: Mark Down
Puppet: Nick Barnes
Music: Lemez & Fridel
Performers: Mark Down, Nick Barnes and Sean Garratt