Thursday,March 4, 20215 p.m.
Friday,March 5, 20215 p.m.
Saturday,March 6, 202111 a.m.
Saturday,March 6, 20213 p.m.


4001 Berri Street
Montréal (Québec) H2L 4H2
Phone : 514-844-3250
Sherbrooke metro (500 m)

All audiences, 8 years +


We are sorry to announce that Casteliers has had to cancel the festival’s indoor performance of this show, in keeping with Public Health measures. An interview with the artists in creative residency is available on this page, below.


Without words


Introducing an innovative shadow theatre performance, an enhanced cinematic experience that takes us to the ends of the Universe and makes us dream of infinite worlds. This work draws its inspiration primarily from the latest music of the spheres theories. An ambiophonic soundtrack and an immersive video device evoke the mysteries of the microscopic and macroscopic worlds in a poetic and exhilarating way. This joyful multi-sensory experience is meant to create a sense of wonder at the distant heavens and the evolution of life. The Last Frontier will premiere at Festival de Casteliers. Make way for luminescent magic!


RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes
TECHNIQUES: Shadow and object theatre, string marionettes, volumetric video projection, surround sound music





Egotrip Productions was founded in 2006 by Allison Moore and Arthur Desmarteaux, a Montréal-based interdisciplinary artist duo. In recent years, the company has produced several shadow theatre pieces that use video projection as a source of light, allowing for a delightful blend of cinematic expression and traditional puppetry. Their works have been presented at the Nuit blanche à Montréal event as well as at the Festival Phénomena, among others. Arthur Desmarteaux composes the electronic soundtracks while Allison Moore creates the videos.


Story, music and puppets: Étienne Rochon, AKA Arthur Desmarteaux
Stage direction and scenography: Allison Moore and Étienne Rochon, AKA Arthur Desmarteaux
Lighting: Allison Moore (videography) and Josée Brouillard (LED assistant)
Performance: Étienne Rochon, AKA Arthur Desmarteaux


Egotrip Productions wishes to thank the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and OBORO for their support.