Sunday,March 7, 202111 a.m.


Online Activity


Free online event hosted on the Casteliers Facebook and YouTube pages.

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Part of the Café-causerie: Budding creations! Event

Three theatre companies present their works-in-progress and answer questions from the public eager to learn more about the various stages involved in the development of a puppet show.


Through the telling of the story of my grandmother and my great-grandmother Amanda, who was motionless and mute for 18 years, Les Veuves Parallèles examines how memory is passed from one generation of women to the next. The dining room table is the stage where the past re-emerges. A fantastical family portrait where the terrifying and the banal co-exist.





Claudine Rivest has a background in visual arts and is a graduate of the contemporary puppet theatre program at UQAM. Through the language of puppetry, she creates contemplative and wordless worlds that are both playful and strange. A performer and visual artist, she has worked with a number of theatre companies as a scenographer and puppet designer.


Development, stage direction and performance: Claudine Rivest
Assistant, development and stage direction: Sophie Deslauriers
Music: Isaac Beaudet-Lefebvre


Claudine Rivest wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des leyttres du Québec, Les Sages Fous and La Bulle – Espace de Résidence et de Création Artistique for their support.